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*Inverted* 40lb Poly-Barrel Spreader For ATV/UTV and RIDING LAWN MOWER


• Includes INVERTED 12 Volt Motor – Motor Mounted Inside Of Hopper For Further Protection From Varmints And Elements

• Attaches via Racks and U-bolts: built for ATV Racks

• Includes adapter for Riding Lawn Mowers that don’t have a A/V “Cigarette Lighter” Plug.

• Long Life and Rust Proof

• Polypropylene Hopper and Lid

• Stainless Steel Spinner Plate To Prevent Rust And Corrosion

• 10 Foot Cord Equipped With Toggle Switch For On/Off Control And An Auxiliary Plugin Adapter

• Spin Tech Patented On Demand Open/Close Shut Off Mechanism Prevents Leakage When Motor Is Off

• Spreads Up To An Approximate 20 Foot Pattern (180 Degree Radius)

• Adjustable Seed Flow Arms


The Spintech Advantage